Http4s backendΒΆ

To use, add the following dependency to your project:

"com.softwaremill.sttp.client" %% "http4s-backend" % "2.0.0-M6"

This backend depends on http4s (blaze client), and offers an asynchronous backend, which can wrap results in any type implementing the cats-effect Effect typeclass.

Please note that: * the backend does not support SttpBackendOptions, that is specifying proxy settings (proxies are not implemented in http4s, see this issue), as well as configuring the connect timeout * the backend does not support the RequestT.options.readTimeout option

Instead, all custom timeout configuration should be done by creating a org.http4s.client.Client[F], using org.http4s.client.blaze.BlazeClientBuilder[F] and passing it to the appropriate method of the Http4sBackend object.

The backend supports streaming using fs2. For usage details, see the documentation on streaming using fs2 with the async-http-backend.